2014 Election Results by the Numbers

Below are the vote totals for the races CCA had endorsed candidates in. The candidates we supported were the highest vote getters – their names are linked to their biographies. These vote totals now include the numbers from mail ballots.

Town OfficeCandidateTotal votesPercentage
Town OfficeCandidateTotal votes
Town ModeratorLeo Mainelli (IND) Elected 1656 57.6%
Henry A. WALSH (DEM) 121542.3%
Town CouncilTom Gentz (IND) Elected190366.3%
George Tremblay (IND) Elected179362.5%
Virginia Lee (IND) Elected179262.4%
Denise Rhodes (IND) Elected170759.5%
Bonnie Van Slyke (IND) Elected161856.4%
Paula Ann ANDERSEN (DEM)133946.6%
Brandon Thomas CLEARY (DEM)119541.6%
Ronald H. RUSSO (DEM)104536.4%
Lisa A. DiBELLO (DEM)66423.1%
School CommitteeDonna Chambers(IND) Elected1961
Ronald Areglado (IND) Elected1845
Craig F. LOUZON (IND) Elected1744
Stephen YOUNG (REP)1197
Planning CommissionBarbara Heavers Elected1787
Mark Alexander Elected1766
Gordon Foer Elected1760
Constance Baker Elected1743
Frances Topping Elected1721