A vision for a town governed in peace and tranquility

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Jan Knost.

Jan V. Knost
Jan Knost

It has not been often that I have written Letters to the Editor during my nearly 50 years as a parish minister.

Lately, however, I have wearied of reading letters by Mr. James Mageau and others calling the members of the Charlestown Citizens’ Alliance “liars”. Indeed, that has certainly not been my experience.

The CCA came into being right after my wife and I retired to Charlestown. It was created for a very specific reason. After James Mageau was elected to the Town Council, vindictiveness, threats and open anger at council and town meetings were regular occurrences. It was most unfortunate.

John Goodman had a vision for a town governed in peace and tranquility if the candidates for office were similarly inclined. That goal is exactly what CCA has largely achieved.

So I would tender my heartiest congratulations to the candidates who have served wisely and well over that period. My hope is that the citizens of Charlestown will come to realize that the current list of CCA candidates are ready to serve in the same capacity and for the ongoing good of our town.

Please, then, you who like to call names and fabricate imaginary facts, cease and desist from your tintinnabulations!

Reverend Jan Vickery Knost

(The writer is a member of the Charlestown Planning Commission.)