A vote for the Charlestown Citizens Alliance candidates is a vote for the Independent Voice

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author John Goodman.

I am writing urging my fellow Charlestown voters to support the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) endorsed candidates for Town Council, Planning Commission, School Committee and Town Moderator positions on November 4th.

CCA endorsed incumbents and new candidates alike have worked to provide civil leadership even as others seeking political power have only attempted to pick political fights. In the past few years Charlestown has had to navigate some challenging issues, and thanks to the leadership of the CCA endorsed candidates, the town has made progress on issues ranging from fighting the expansion of gambling in Charlestown, to forging a Collective Bargaining Agreement with Town Employees to securing proven leadership with a new Town Manager and new Police Chief. But there is still important work that needs to be done and that’s why the Alliance candidates need your support.

Members of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance are Democrats, Independents and Republicans. They share a bond of supporting sound, civil and open local government. They range from lifelong residents of Charlestown to those who bring a fresh perspective from elsewhere, but all value and remain committed to protecting the inherent quality of life that make Charlestown so unique.

The CCA endorsed candidates bring expertise in areas ranging from the Environment to Education to the Economy and most importantly Experience as your neighbors. They seek to end abuses of the Copar Quarries and limit the divisive and mean spirited tactics employed by members of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee on their so-called “hate blog.”

Eight years ago the residents of Charlestown came together to say “no” to the destructive political tactics of Democratic Council member James Mageau. This same strategy is still being used by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee today, but is even more destructive now that they are utilizing the internet to spread libel, half truths and lies.

A vote for a Charlestown Citizens Alliance Candidate is a vote OPPOSING those who would attempt to bully those who have differing opinions on important issue.

A vote for the Charlestown Citizens Alliance candidates is a vote FOR “People over Politics”, and for the Independent Voices that will listen to the diverse views of ALL in the town, rather than utilize the internet to publicly humiliate those they disagree with.

I urge all voters to support the CCA endorsed candidates on November 4th.

John Goodman