CCA Candidates are a Talented, Hard Working Team

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Virginia Wootten. Virginia serves as the President of CCA.

I have come to know all 13 Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) candidates in recent months. They are a diverse lot, with diverse educational, cultural, and social backgrounds. Many have advanced degrees, but most also work with their hands as well as with their heads and hearts. They are farmers, carpenters, woodworkers, masons, welders, auto mechanics, and artists, often for supplemental income.

Together, they are a talented, hard working team that seeks to make time for public service. They are eager to work for the community at large and to maintain our rural character from the shores of the Pawcatuck River to those of the Atlantic. They are not exploring what elected office will do for them. As a group, they work to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Here are the dynamics inside the CCA slate that wants to work for Charlestown.

All 13 CCA candidates have mastered the basics of wading through technology, model lifelong learning, and welcome new challenges. Newcomers to the team on board for just four months quickly figured out how to use their strengths to support the platform. All pitch in as writers, editors, and fundraisers. Some do the heavy lifting of campaigning, while others pitch in with correspondence and communications. They are a team of husbands, wives, parents, and grandparents, each with a history of public service outside his or her occupational life.

For instance, throughout most of his career as a professor of biochemistry, George Tremblay balanced his academic work with hands-on management of his woodlot, from which he and his wife, Sue, carved out a homestead, heated entirely with wood from their property, and moved enough rock to create a large vegetable garden that carries them through much of the winter. George is also a hobby woodworker, and in retirement, he ran a portable sawmill business. More often than not, both Sue and George can be found outdoors, doing something, in all weather.

Politically, CCA is a collaborative group of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans that fosters enthusiastic debate over local issues. The group makes every effort to maintain a respectful tone welcoming to new ideas and opinions. Any employer would appreciate their sound decision-making, and any voter would be well represented by this team. I ask you to vote for each of the CCA candidates to maintain sound management and policy-making in Charlestown.

Virginia Wootten