Donna Chambers: Profile of a Worthy Candidate

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Michael Chambers. Mr. Chambers is a member of the Charlestown Zoning Board.

Donna Chambers

She won’t embrace a cause unless she is willing to commit her time and energies to it. She has spent almost 40 years promoting sensible approaches to improve adult skills and lifelong learning.

She won’t participate in a group unless she is committed to their cause. Improving educational opportunities and quality of life go hand in hand in her life. She performs all tasks necessary to meet the group objectives as part of her commitment.

She is not deceptive in her behavior. She presents all the information required to fully discuss issues. She wouldn’t think of being dishonest or providing disinformation to further her personal goals because her goals are open to all.

She keeps her promises and works to help others to keep theirs. She doesn’t make excuses but finds remedies. She learns from her mistakes and doesn’t try to blame others or try to hide her mistakes. She takes responsibility and accepts accountability for her actions.

She works to improve group dynamics, coordinating with her colleagues to improve the group’s effectiveness. She is not the type of person who deserts the group when something goes wrong or she finds herself in the minority.

This is why she is so well respected in the field of adult education and in the development of learning methodologies. This is why she is considered a trustworthy and reliable friend and colleague. She is on the Chariho School Committee and is committed to the prospect of improving upon the school district’s already laudable ranking within the State.

These are a few of the favorite things I love about Donna Chambers, so I married her 45 years ago and it has been the most satisfying decision I have ever made. Donna is campaigning to renew her seat on the Chariho School Committee. If the Charlestown taxpayers want a reliable, trustworthy representative, they couldn’t make a better choice. I can attest to that.

Michael Chambers