Are you better off today …

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Joan Lawlor. Joan Lawlor is a resident of Charlestown.

As I reflect on some of the recent letters submitted by Jim Mageau, I’m reminded of a phrase used successfully by Ronald Reagan and more recently by President Obama: “Are you better off today … or when we were forced to endure the embarrassing and dysfunctional reign that accompanied Mageau’s past participation on the Charlestown Town Council?”

The candidates endorsed by the Charlestown Citizens Alliance are extremely well-qualified, well-intentioned, fellow town residents who are trying to preserve the character and integrity of Charlestown. They have no hidden agendas, don’t embrace litigation as the only way to solve a problem, who listen and seek to understand opposing viewpoints on how to solve the real issues that we face. Moreover, they consistently promote a respectful discussion as a means to achieve consensus.

Don’t let Mageau’s tired typical tirades form the basis of your understanding of the positions of the candidates endorsed by the Charlestown Citizens Alliance or set the standard for political discourse in our community. Reach out to these candidates directly to better understand their positions. You’ll also find that they are eager to hear your perspectives on how to address our current and future challenges.

Joan Lawlor