A vote for Virginia Lee is a vote for Charlestown’s future

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is shared with us here by the author Michael Chambers. Mr. Chambers is a member of the Charlestown Zoning Board.

Tourism is the most lucrative business in Charlestown. Tourism is based on the recreational opportunities afforded to residents and visitors alike. Recreational activities are based on a healthy, vibrant coastal environment. Our coastal amenities are essential to the economic health of Charlestown.

Protecting coastal resources here is ultimately the responsibility of the Charlestown Town Council. Virginia Lee is the most knowledgeable candidate we have running in this year’s election. Not only does she understand the several scientific fields of study under the heading of Oceanography, she understands how to deal with the varying interests within our estuarine environment. She holds a Certificate in Conflict Mediation from Harvard University. In addition, Virginia Lee has a deep appreciation for the effects of Climate Change on our coastal environment. She possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to keep Charlestown the foremost place to live.

The voters of Charlestown have a great opportunity to insure that their most valuable natural resource and their most valuable economic resource will be treated with the importance it deserves. During the past ten years, Charlestown has been in need of economic improvement and knowing how to merge protecting the environment, enhancing tourism, and improving our economic base would fit nicely into Ms. Lee’s talents.

A vote for Virginia Lee is a vote for Charlestown’s future.

Michael Chambers