Introducing Bonnita (Bonnie) Van Slyke – for Town Council

Bonnie Van Slyke

Imagine how different Charlestown might be if a nuclear power plant had been built on what is now Ninigret Park and Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge. In the late 1970′s the nuclear power plant was described as a “done deal” by many, but the courage of our citizens defeated that proposal. Among those courageous citizens was George Bliven Jr., Bonnie’s father. Once the power plant was defeated, Bonnie’s father led the effort to transform the Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Air Station into today’s Ninigret Park.

The Wildlife Refuge is a critical stopover for migratory birds in the Atlantic Flyway and the Park is such an important recreational asset to the town. It is also home to Frosty Drew Observatory, which sits under an extraordinarily dark sky, one of the darkest on the Atlantic seaboard.

Bonnie has inherited her father’s love of place, and his dedication to stewardship. For the last 10 years Bonnie has served as a director of the Frosty Drew Nature Center & Observatory. She has worked hard at raising funds, designing educational programs, and creating a place where many in our region see the Milky Way for the first time and where a child can learn about wildlife in a coastal pond.

As a member of the Town Council, Bonnie will bring her dedication to stewardship of our town to the town government. Her vision and knowledge of our town’s history will be a great asset to the Council.

To learn more about Bonnita Van Slyke please read her election biography.