Introducing Denise Rhodes

Denise Rhodes
Denise Rhodes

Most of us decided to make Charlestown our home, or continue to live here, because of the beauty and quiet of this wonderful place. And many of us get involved in local government when we discover that the beauty or quiet of our town is threatened. Some will trace their involvement to the nuclear power plant that was proposed for what is now Ninigret Park and Ninigret Wildlife Refuge in the 1970s. Others got involved when a casino was proposed in the 1990s. For Denise Rhodes it was the transformation of a dormant quarry to a major mining operation.

Denise moved to her quiet home in the woods in Charlestown 10 years ago. Then those woods exploded with the sounds of blasting and stone dust began to settle on every surface inside and outside of her home. The beautiful neighboring land became a moonscape. Things changed in ways she and her neighbors had never imagined.

It is her knowledge of how easily things can change that will make Denise a good Town Councilor. She will work with the other CCA endorsed candidates to get legislation passed both at the State House and locally to regulate the mining industry and protect the health and welfare of Charlestown’s residents, and environment.

We welcome Denise’s stewardship of the character of our town.

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To hear the quarry blast and hear Denise and her neighbors talking to Rhode Island Public Radio reporter Ambar Espinoza about life next to the revived quarry, listen to the report at the RI Public Radio website.