Residents who might qualify for ChurchWoods Housing invited to add their names to list

Charlestown has started a list for residents who might qualify for ChurchWoods. You can submit your name to Town Clerk Amy Rose Weinreich at: (401) 364-1200.

ChurchWoods is not built yet, but community outreach has begun. The housing is open to any qualifying applicant, but to insure that Charlestown residents have a chance for the apartments, the town has begun to keep a list of people who would like to be considered as potential applicants.

Because some people had already begun to ask that they be added to a list, the town is making sure that there is a list and that all residents who might qualify are aware there is a list. Qualifications change with changes in local median income, but the qualifications are likely to be very similar to those published by Rhode Island Housing for other subsidized rental apartments for senior citizens.

There is more in a recent Westerly Sun article