Introducing Virginia Lee

Virginia Lee

As Charlestown plans for climate change impacts and sea level rise, we are extremely fortunate to have someone with the expertise of Virginia Lee seek to join the Charlestown Town Council. Virginia is co-author of the 2012 report, Climate Change and Rhode Island’s Coasts, which provides the best synthesis to date of our current understanding of climate change impacts on Rhode Island’s coastal communities.

Climate change may be the preeminent environmental issue of our time, but Virginia’s interest and knowledge of Charlestown’s environment goes much deeper than that. Anyone who has ever read through CRMC’s Salt Pond Region Special Area Management Plan will find references to papers written by Virginia Lee and she is in fact one of the authors of the SAMP. When she was still in school, Virginia authored  An Elusive Compromise: Rhode Island Coastal Ponds and Their People – a book that captured the ecological history, culture, and issues of our area and set us on a path to protect the coastal ponds.

Virginia’s interests and expertise include so many issues that are important to Charlestown. Public access to the shore, water quality including drinking water, open space conservation, dark skies, community character, and coastal habitats are just some of the areas where Virginia is both an expert and an advocate. Virginia will bring this wealth of expertise and commitment to Charlestown’s environment to every Town Council meeting.

To learn more about Virginia Lee please read her election biography