Bikepath Planning in Charlestown

Meeting time is not scheduled yet, this group is asking that you contact them directly or the town to get involved in bikepath planning.

A Dream Revisited In Charlestown

30 years ago a group of Charlestown residents dreamed about and planned a cycle path along the coast. Frank Glista recounts his father was part of that group and they had even identified potential pathways. It is an idea which has been dreamed about and discussed ever since.

This month the Bicycle Pathway Ad Hoc Committee will meet as an officially recognized committee for the first time. In preliminary discussions, areas in Charlestown have already been ear marked for exploration as pathway locations. The Pathway is envisioned as a dedicated path wherever possible not just a “share the road” way. These pathways are designed for pedestrians and cyclists. Community pathways have many benefits including:

  • Increased property values
  • Health benefits
  • Fewer vehicles on the road/less emissions
  • Safe ways to visit businesses
  • Increased access to Town events
  • Connecting cultural and recreational areas including beaches
  • Added value for visitors to Charlestown
  • Extending the recreational season

It is an exciting thought that after 30 years the dream may become reality. If you have enjoyed the Bike Trail from Kingston to Narragansett or any of the dedicated Bike trails throughout the country you realize how great similar trails would be for Charlestown. Join us to hear our plans, share your ideas and help make the dream a reality. Call the Town Hall 364-1200 or Faith LaBossiere 364-6400.