Happy Trails, Mike

The following letter appeared in local newspapers and is reprinted here with permission of the author Michael Chambers. Mr. Chambers is a member of the Charlestown Zoning Board.

Two years ago, Mike Rzewuski and I disagreed publicly about the merits of term limits for town commission volunteers. I argued from the rationale that term limits had several advantages and few drawbacks. Mike argued from the heart and gave an emotional presentation that won him a retraction of the term limits proposal. I spoke with Mike’s wife after the meeting and learned how devoted he is to his position on the Zoning Board of Review. That night I realized that Mike Rzewuski not only was right but he was the right man for the job.

Last October I was appointed as an alternate to the Zoning Board of Review when Scott Northup resigned. Since that time I have observed first-hand the quality of Mr. Rzewuski’s leadership and his dedication to the town. His sensitivity toward the many applicants, his insistence on strict interpretation of the zoning laws, and his willingness to pursue all avenues of discussion are the earmarks of his chairmanship of the Zoning Board.

This week when Mr. Rzewuski announced his retirement from the Board, I was surprised and saddened. I had a short conversation with him after the meeting and sought any reason at all for him to finish out his term. I had some suspicions about why Mike chose this time to resign, but Mike is too much a gentleman to go into any negative details. Let’s just say that the town of Charlestown has lost a long-time volunteer, a gentleman, and a dedicated servant.

Thanks Mike for your work and for teaching me a lesson in dedication. I will remember the example you have set for the other board members, for your friends and neighbors, and for those unsavory characters in this town you could not win over.

Michael Chambers