Preview your ballot for the Primary Election, Tuesday, September 9

Polls are open 9AM to 8PM on Tuesday, September 9

There are no local primary contests this election season, but the state still prints different ballots for each precinct in Charlestown and there are four polling places in Charlestown for the September 9 primary.

To see what your ballot will look like, first find where you live on the map below to get a precinct number, then have a look at the ballot for that precinct.

You can vote in either primary (but not both!) if you are registered as unaffiliated (independent). Ask to disaffiliate after you vote to keep or begin your independent voting status. The ballot for Republican primary is on page two and the Democrats are on page one in the linked files in the table below.

PrecinctPrimary Ballot for PrecinctPolling Place for Precinct*
501Primary Ballot for precinct 501Charlestown Elementary School
502Primary Ballot for precinct 502Charlestown Town Hall
503Primary Ballot for precinct 503Quonochontaug Grange Hall
504Primary Ballot for precinct 504Charlestown Ambulance Barn


* The polling places listed in the table are those currently listed at the Secretary of State’s website. It is possible that these could change closer to the election. If there is a change we will report that here at our website.