Salt Ponds Coalition Announces Pam Rubinoff as Speaker for Annual Meeting

Pam Rubinoff is a Coastal Management Extension Specialist at the University of Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Center and Rhode Island Sea Grant. Her talk will focus on sea level rise and the implications on wetlands, sharing case studies of future wetlands in the Salt Pond region. Discussion will include various options that may be taken by property owners and municipalities.

Since joining URI in 1996, Pam has worked with both US-based Rhode Island initiatives and international development programs. Pam’s focus is on building resilient coastal communities locally and globally, through technical assistance, decision-support tools, policy creation, interdisciplinary collaboration, training and outreach. Her work contributes to interdisciplinary initiatives and supports partnerships with government agencies, conservation and development organizations, university faculty and research, and private sector initiatives. Pam’s work builds upon her degrees in civil engineering and marine policy, and her broad experience working for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program and the Peace Corps in Thailand.

Pam was a lead author of “Adapting to Coastal Climate Change: A Guidebook for Development Planner” (2009) and played a key role in a NOAA/EPA partnership that resulted in “Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities” (2009). She has led partners and programs in research, planning and management resulting in state strategies, Rhode Island’s policy on sea level rise and municipal-based model processes, including the “Building Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change through Local Conservation Efforts: A South Kingstown Land Trust Pilot Project” (2013).

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Kettle Pond Visitors Center in Charlestown, Rhode Island on August 18, 2014 at 7 P.M.