CCA Releases 2014 Platform

The CCA Steering Committee and our endorsed candidates have worked together the last few weeks to define the Platform for the 2014 election.

The new platform is very similar to our 2012 platform in its commitment to sound fiscal management, responsible economic development, wise stewardship of our natural resources, and accountable and ethical leadership.

The 2014 platform has two new sections. One on Chariho School Committee and another on Local Control Over Land Use.

For the first time in many years there is a race for School Committee and we have two excellent candidates to support: Ron Areglado and Donna Chambers. Both have advanced degrees and professional careers in education. Our plank on “Positive Educational Leadership reflects their sentiments on an approach to School Committee work.

Local Control Over Land Use has become a more important topic in recent years as the legislature enacts or proposes laws that force towns to accept increased density in highly sloped areas and near wetlands or as state agencies make decisions that could have a negative impact on Charlestown’s environment. CCA-endorsed candidates are committed to opposing state legislative and administrative initiatives that threaten the protection of Charlestown’s environment and community character. They will also continue to petition the legislature for increased local control over the mining and extraction industries and similar issues.

You can read the entire Platform at the front page of our website.