Principles of CCA

When we updated our website a few months ago, we added some menus that show up at the bottom of every page. This is mostly slowly changing content and is different from the navigation bar at the top of every page that takes you to content that changes often. One of the things the Steering Committee updated recently in this “footer” content are the CCA principles. You can find them in the footer under “About CCA” and we have pasted them below.

Principles of CCA

1. Civility in government: Debate is guided by respect for differing opinions in arriving at a position on the issues.

2. Inclusiveness: CCA works to represent the population in its entirety, and guards against the domination by special interests.

3. Consensus: CCA is represented by a broad-based field of candidates, but works to articulate its position on the issues through common values and consensus among them.

4. Community welfare: CCA is committed to safeguarding community values through responsible development consistent with Charlestown’s Comprehensive Plan, and its respect for our environmental assets.

5. Fiscal responsibility: CCA favors fair and equitable taxation, and is vigilant to maintain Charlestown’s enviable reputation for coupling low property taxes with sound and responsible municipal government.

6. Full disclosure: CCA informs the public of the rationale behind its position on the issues through postings on its website

7. Provide background information on issues: CCA provides informed background information, pro and con, on the issues.

8. Preservation of the natural resources: CCA is mindful of the natural resources in Charlestown, economically, culturally and physically.