Light Pollution And ‘The End Of Night’

If you’re looking for a book to read this summer, pick up a copy or ask the library to order Paul Bogard’s new book, “The End of Night.” Below is an excellent online NPR radio interview with the author if you want to learn more about the topic. Click on arrow in the red box to start the interview.

Not so terribly long ago, people everywhere experienced nights so black that even the Milky Way could cast shadows on the earth. According to some estimates, around 80 percent of people now live under night skies so polluted by artificial light that they’ve never seen the Milky Way at all.

Here in Charlestown we are so lucky to still see a bright Milky Way – in fact our town is the darkest place in Rhode Island and we have the best night skies along much of the Atlantic coast. Read the book or just listen to the interview to learn what we could lose if we lose the night.

Ruth Platner

Ruth is the current Chair of the Charlestown Planning Commission and has been involved in land use issues in Charlestown for over 20 years.