Who is Running For Election In Charlestown

CCA strongly urges Charlestown Citizens to vote for People not Party. Know who you are voting for and why! CCA is committed to an election outcome that produces public officials who will work in the interest of the majority of Charlestown’s citizens.

We will have candidate profiles for all the endorsed candidates soon. To stay informed about the 2014 election, sign up for our e-mail list.

The following people have declared for elected office in Charlestown:

Town Council (vote for 5)

  • Thomas B. Gentz (endorsed by CCA)
  • Virginia Lee (endorsed by CCA)
  • Denise L. Rhodes (endorsed by CCA)
  • George C. Tremblay (endorsed by CCA)
  • Bonnita B. Van Slyke (endorsed by CCA)
  • Paula Ann Anderson
  • Nicholas D. Bottai
  • Brandon T. Cleary
  • Lisa A. Dibello
  • Ronald H. Russo

Chariho School Committee Charlestown Representatives (vote for 3

  • Ronald Areglado (endorsed by CCA)
  • Donna Chambers (endorsed by CCA)
  • Craig Louzon
  • Stephen Young 

Town Moderator (vote for 1 )

  • Leone D. Mainelli (endorsed by CCA)
  • Henry A. Walsh

Planning Commission (vote for 5 – our endorsed candidates are unopposed)

  • Mark C. Alexander (endorsed by CCA)
  • Gordon L. Foer (endorsed by CCA)
  • Barbara A. Heavers (endorsed by CCA)
  • Frances M. Topping (endorsed by CCA)
  • Constance D. Vadnais-Baker (endorsed by CCA)