Your state representative needs a call from you today!

The following message is from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Land Protection Funds Stripped from Open Space Bond

When does an Open Space Bond Not Protect Open Space … Now, Unless You ACT.

We need your help to get funding restored for Local Open Space Grants in the proposed Open Space Bond.

Earlier this year, Governor Chafee proposed a $75 million “Clean Water, Open Space and Healthy Communities Bond” which provided funding for a number of projects.

Three million dollars was proposed for “Local Open Space Grants” to provide local land trusts and municipalities the chance to protect special places in your community.

However, late Thursday night the House Finance Committee totally ELIMINATED the funds to help you protect your town.

At the same time, they added $18 million in projects for Roger Williams Park in Providence.

If funding for the Local Open Space Grant Program is left out of this bond, the Program will be out of funding for the first time since it was established in 1985.

Bonds first go through the General Assembly for financial review before being put on the November ballot for voter approval. So if the Grants are not reinstated into the Bond language Open Space Funding, as we know it, will END!

You must call or email your State Representative NOW – – ask them to put $3 million funding back in the proposed “Open Space Bond.”

The General Assembly has tried before to cut Local Open Space Grant funding … and every time you have come through and made your opinion heard … and every time they have put the funding back.

You can do it again!

The vote is THIS Thursday, June 12, so please contact them as soon as you can … no later than Wednesday.

Contact Information Below

State Senator Dennis Algiere
email: sen-algiere at

State Senator Catherine Cool Rumsey
email: sen-coolrumsey at
Office Phone: 401-276-5571

State Representative Donna M Walsh
email: rep-walsh at

Please share this information with friends and neighbors.

If you would like more information on this important issue or help in contacting your representative, please contact one of the emails below.

Lawrence Taft
Executive Director
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Eugenia Marks
Senior Director of Policy
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Rupert Friday
Director, RI Land Trust Council