Rally at the State House to Abolish the Master Lever

When: Thursday, May 29, from 3:00-5:00pm
Where: The Rhode Island State House in Providence

The bill to eliminate the Master Lever cleared the House unanimously and is now being considered by the Rhode Island Senate. It is time to let the Senate President hear your voices.

Sometimes the only way to get the attention of the Rhode Island Senate is to make a house call at the State House.

This is a critical juncture when a few hours of your time can help to make a huge difference towards fair and accurate elections in Rhode Island.

Also, if you have not sent emails this month to the Senate leadership, please do so from: www.masterlever.org

Send your Senator an individual email asking them to request that Senate leadership move this bill out for a vote here: http://masterlever.org/senators.php

Also please contact the Senate President’s office and make your position known on the Master Lever by phoning (401) 222-6655.