Master Lever Stuck in Senate

Two weeks ago the Rhode Island House of Representatives voted unanimously to abolish the Master Lever from Rhode Island election ballots. But now the bill is blocked by leadership in the Senate.

When Rhode Island had mechanical voting machines you could pull the master lever and watch all the individual levers for candidates for that political party move to cast your vote. You could then go through the ballot and adjust the individual levers.

Since we went to paper ballots in 1998, you can still vote a straight party ticket with just one stroke of the pen, but you can no longer see the results of that choice.

The Master Lever causes accidental votes, cancelled votes, and general confusion. Please help pressure the Rhode Island Senate to remove this confusing feature from our election ballots.

Please send the Senate leadership an email requesting that they bring the bill up for a vote at

Send any or all the Senators an individual email asking that Senate leadership bring this bill to a vote: