Master Lever Bill Passes House Unanimously!

The Rhode Island House of Representatives voted 71 to zero Tuesday evening to abolish the “master lever”. The master lever causes confusion and miscounted votes.

Many voters who started voting after the paper ballot was introduced are not clear what the master lever does. In the mechanical voting machines you could see all the other levers move, but on the paper ballot you can’t see the straight party effect.

Each election, CCA urges voters not to connect the straight party choice. Perhaps this will be the year we can forget about advice on the master lever. But we still have work to do. The bill has passed the House unanimously, but so far it can’t even get a vote on the Senate floor.

Please take the time to contact as many RI State Senators as you can. You can use the list at for Senators’ email addresses and phone numbers. Please be sure to contact Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed and ask her to allow a vote to get rid of the Master Lever at  (401) 222-6655 and