Chariho School District’s 2014-2015 Budget Referendum

Chariho School District’s 2014-2015 Budget Referendum
Charlestown Town Hall
Tuesday April 8
8:00AM to 8:00PM

On April 8, Charlestown, Hopkinton and Richmond residents will vote on whether to approve the Chariho School District’s 2014-2015 proposed budget in the amount of $55,280,111.00. This is $87,199.00 less than the 2013-2014 budget.

Last year the school budget was defeated three times. This resulted in the provision in the Chariho Act regarding school funding being enforced, which raised the budget by $54,100.00. In addition, the additional referendum votes cost residents $13,500.00 for all three votes.

If the towns fail to approve this year’s proposed budget, it will automatically revert back to “level funding” and increase the budget by $556,668.00.

Here are some details about Charlestown’s share of the proposed school budget

  • Total Budget for all three towns = $55,165,581.00
  • Charlestown’s Share = $14,125,790.00
  • This is a reduction for Charlestown of $332,429.00 or a 2.27% decrease based on student enrollments.
  • Charlestown’s Debt Service Share = $187,138.00, which is 1/3 the amount divided among the three towns.
  • Charlestown’s Total Costs including Operating plus Debt Service = $14,312,928.00
  • Anticipated 2014-2015 State Aid for Charlestown = $1,711,607.00, which would mean if that figure is deducted from the budget, our cost for education next year will be $12,601,321.00.

Please take the time Tuesday to cast your vote.

At our website are letters written in support of a yes vote on the budget from Town Council President Tom Gentz and School Board Member Ron Areglado.

At the Chariho website is a more detailed version of the budget