Congratulations Chariho!!!

Guest Post by Tom Gentz (guest posts are moderated, but not approved or endorsed by the CCA Steering Committee)

IMG_0157The Chariho Career and Technical School  students won 27 medals from the 2014 state championships, and eight of those were gold. The gold medal winners plan to attend the national competition in Kansas City, and proceeds of the March 28 Chariho Skills USA fundraiser in the dining room of the Career and Technical School are earmarked to help with travel expenses.

Teachers, staff, administrators, and parents volunteered their time and effort to showcase the talents of the hard working and focused members of the Chariho Culinary Arts community.  A high school guidance counselor served as cashier, and Susan Votto, Director of the Career and Technical School, proudly took up the final position in the line of servers for the entrees.  She noted that the students went on a field trip on Thursday to local markets to select fresh fish and produce for the buffet, and said, “They have the complete market to table experience for this event.”  A number of parents and teachers worked behind the scenes so that the students could execute the plan and take their places in the front of the restaurant: Michael Jarret, Marine Trades, and Dave Bannister, Construction, graciously assumed entry level positions and washed dishes.

Students shucked oysters and quahogs, sautéed pasta dishes, served on the lines for the main dishes, appetizers, soups and salads, and assorted desserts.  They seated guests, cleared dishes, and filled water glasses.  No one left feeling anything other than pride in our school, students, teachers, staff, families, and administrators.

Consider the wonderful jewel that is Chariho in voting for the budget.  The Chariho community works hard to raise the funds needed to make the learning environment special for every student.  Chariho deserves our support and will continue to make our communities proud.  As their tag line says, “All Kids. All of the Time.”  Congratulations Chariho!!!  Tom Gentz

TomGentz100Tom Gentz is president of the Charlestown Town Council and a member of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance Steering Committee.