Visit Chariho March 28 or 29

At this weekend’s 22nd annual district-wide celebration, “Artessy,” citizens have an opportunity to see the work of Chariho students, hear their voices, and even taste the fruits of culinary students’ labor. The events on the district campus offer the chance to experience the good will and enthusiasm of the Chariho learning environment.

Artessy features exhibits of visual and performing arts from all grade levels and exhibits from Technology Education, Agriculture, and the Career and Technical programs.

Schedule for specific events:


  • 4:30 – 7:00 PM Kansas City Buffet $20 adults $5 children under ten – Dining Room of the Career and Technical Center
  • 7:00 PM High School Chorus – Middle School Auditorium

Music in the Middle School Auditorium

  • 10:00 AM fifth & sixth grade chorus
  • 10:40 AM Charlestown/Hope Valley chorus
  • 12:20 PM Richmond chorus
  • 1:20 PM fifth & sixth grade bands
  • 2:10 PM Middle School Jazz Band
  • 2:45 PM  seventh & eighth grade bands
  • 3:30 PM HS Band