Council Unanimously Passes Resolution to Support Repeal of Master-Lever Voting

We had reported earlier that George Tremblay would introduce a motion to eliminate the Master Lever from the Rhode Island ballot. At the February 10 Town Council meeting, the rest of the Town Council gave unanimous support to the resolution and sent it on to state and local government officials. The resolution as it was voted on is below.

Resolution to Support Repeal
Of Master-Lever Voting
Per S2091, Introduced 21 Jan 2014

WHEREAS, The master lever law, RIGL 17-19-15, was enacted in 1939.

WHEREAS, Rhode Island is the only state in New England, and one of only sixteen of the fifty states in the United States, that continues to allow the Master Lever.

WHEREAS, The Master Lever promotes impulse voting, thereby thoughtlessly compromising independent candidates, and contributes to voter confusion, disenfranchisement, and distorted outcome.

WHEREAS, The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, General Treasurer, and the heads of many municipal governments in Rhode Island support elimination of the Master Lever.

WHEREAS, The people of Rhode Island, through their elected representatives, urge that repeal of the Master Lever be put to a vote.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Town Council of the Town of Charlestown, Rhode Island urge that the House and Senate leadership not again thwart the will of the people, but bring S-2091 and its House counterpart to a vote.

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk is hereby instructed to submit a copy of this resolution to the Town of Charlestown’s State Senators and State Representatives in the Rhode Island General Assembly, Governor Lincoln Chafee, Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed, House Speaker Gordon Fox, and all other City and Town Governments in Rhode Island, seeking the support of all for legislative action to eliminate the Master Lever.