Hello to all our Westerly Wildcats Friends and Family

The following message comes from Carol-Ann King for Westerly Wildcats, a local Special Olympics group

Our Organizational Meeting was held on Tuesday, November 19. We elected officers for the coming year. The following were elected. Carol-Ann King, Pres. /Sec and Jim Lennon,Vice President/Treasurer. Unfortunately the meeting was not well attended.

I am not sure if everyone understands how our different sports are funded. When we first organized our team in 2010 we received a startup fund from Special Olympics Rhode Island. After that initial start- up funding, our team depends on donations and fundraising. Our main fundraising was a golf tournament run by one of our volunteers. That family is no longer participating in Special Olympics.

Our yearly expenses for bowling, swimming and golfing average around $1200. This varies with our need for shirts and equipment. Each year the cost of renting the YMCA pool increases slightly. We need people to organize and work on fundraisers. We have several great ideas, but we need the cooperation of all our team family to volunteer a few days a year to keep our funds growing instead of shrinking.

Our coaching team is working on setting up dates for Bowling, Swimming and Golf. We are very grateful for our Boy Scouts who give so much to our team. Did you know that two local scouts have chosen our team as their Eagle Project? Josh Fleck did his project on our bowling team and his brother Jacob used our swim team. They organized the team and acquired partners for the athletes. They did a great job matching the partners and making sure our athletes stay in their areas and assisted in the boys locker room at the Y making sure the boys changed into and out of their swim suits and escorted them to their families.

I can acquire, for cost, pies similar to those sold at Shartners Farms. I think they make a great gift for Holidays or special occasions. They come frozen and you can take them home and bake them. We could hold a sale in a local shopping plaza and also take orders. We can easily make a $6 profit on each pie. I need some feedback on this if possible. Leanne and I are doing a trial run right now so see how it goes. Interested in one? Apple or Pumpkin $10.00 each Great for Turkey Day Carol 401-364-0714 or carol-ann.king@verizon.net sending in order Sunday evening.

Thanks to everyone who donates their time and talent to our team. We are a large family and work together for our wonderful team.