The Native Was Restless

Guest Post by Joseph Quadrato (guest posts are moderated, but not approved or endorsed by the CCA Steering Committee)
I am not a native of Charlestown. I am a taxpaying resident. This is my answer to Frank Glista’s verbal attack on me at the Town Council Meeting of October 7.

I am not a resident here because I happen to have been born here. I chose to move to Charlestown – a conscious choice based on the rural character and the social and environmental amenities this town offers. I feel no sense of entitlement, the kind which was made crystal clear by Frank Glista, the Chairman of the Economic Improvement Committee (EIC), at this week’s Town Council Meeting. His remarks about not being born here are insulting and belligerent. He promotes the divisive attitude that unless you were born here, you have no value to the community and only native residents have the necessary insights to understand the town’s needs. He may have spoken in the heat of the moment, but often the cold facts that are hidden escape when one’s guard is down.

To explain, the EIC and Parks and Recreation Committee made a proposal for a music event at Ninigret Park next summer. The information they provided and what the promoter offered was contradictory. It caused much confusion and questioning by the councilors and others in attendance. It is evident that openness and transparency were severely lacking. When I expressed reservations about some of the numbers being bandied about, especially the Park’s capacity, Mr. Glista issued his verbal attack. Such behavior is not acceptable in a public forum. It is disrespectful and discourages open discussion.

Joseph Quadrato