Celebrate the Moon at Frosty Drew Observatory Saturday, October 12

Frosty Drew Observatory
Ninigret Park
Charlestown, RI
Beginning at dusk

On Saturday, October 12th, Frosty Drew Observatory will join with hundreds of other facilities around the world for a night dedicated to observing our closest neighbor, the Moon, the International Observe the Moon Night. In its waxing gibbous phase this evening, this is a great time to show off some of our Moon’s surface features: craters, its seas, mountainous regions. The Observatory’s main telescope will concentrate its night to a body that astronomers don’t often take too much time to notice.

In addition, there will be videos on our only known natural satellite, plus activities to increase your appreciation of our Moon.

Portable telescopes will be pointing to other celestial objects, but the Moon will be the focus of the night. Come and be a part of the International Celebration of the Moon!

Frosty Drew Nature Center and Observatory is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the public education of natural science. The Observatory is open to the public every clear Friday evening. Although the program is free, donations are gratefully appreciated.