Hearing Thursday on Whalerock Land

Two utility scale wind turbines with a blade tip height of approximately 410 feet are proposed for land that has been considered for open space acquisition since 2000.

Now at long last, the owner is willing to sell the land for conservation. There will a Public Hearing on the acquisition at 7:00 pm, Thursday, August 22, at the Charlestown Elementary School. Please try to attend so we can achieve the following:

  1. Prevent the placement of utility scale wind turbines too close to residential neighborhoods and the National Wildlife Refuge.
  2. Put an end to all litigation concerning the proposed uses of this land
  3. Protect the wildlife habitat on this land and surrounding open space
  4. Create hiking connections to other trails in Charlestown
  5. Protect nearly a mile of undeveloped frontage on scenic Rt. 1
  6. Protect Charlestown’s beautiful and rare dark sky
  7. Conserve a piece of our biological and geological history
  8. Protect clean water draining to the Coastal Ponds
  9. Provide long term protection to our tax base and low tax rate.
  10. Create permanent conservation land next to Narragansett tribal land reducing conflicts between the different goals of developers and the tribe.

To learn more about the proposed land purchase please visit our website to read the FAQ about the proposed Open Space acquisition.

Please try to attend this hearing. If the parcel is not acquired for open space, the Whalerock hearings will resume soon.