Steep Slopes Bill passes the Rhode Island House.
The Bill was opposed by RI Chapter American Planning Association (includes most municipal planners from towns & cities across the state), Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns (Representing all municipal government throughout the state) Environmental Council of Rhode Island (Coalition of the state’s environmental organizations), many Town Councils and municipal Conservation Commissions, Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone, RI Association of Conservation Commissions, Save the Bay, Clean Water Action, Save the Lakes, Sierra Club of Rhode Island and many Land Trusts across the state. Despite this opposition, the Rhode House of Representatives preferred to listen to one special interest group that will benefit financially.

This bill goes to the Rhode Island Senate next. If you have not written to your State Senator yet on this topic, please check our post that includes more about this topic and your Senators e-mail addresses.

Chariho Budget Referendum Fails Again
Because the budget failed again, the School Committee must propose another budget and hold another referendum within 30 days. If the third referendum fails, a budget would automatically default to the same contributions from the towns as the current year’s. This is the same level funded budget that was voted down Tuesday.

Voters in Charlestown approved the budget, but Hopkinton and Richmond turned it down and they turned out in higher numbers. The total number of voters from all three towns was under 2000. We have the numerical results of the referendum at our website.