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Update: Wind Turbine Site now proposed for open space acquisition. We have prepared a FAQ with questions and answers about the land and the open space proposal at our website.

Two utility scale wind turbines with a blade tip height of approximately 410 feet are proposed for land abutting residential neighborhoods in Charlestown. The Charlestown Zoning Board will continue a hearing for a special use permit to build and operate the two wind turbines on Wednesday, June 19,  at 7 p.m. at Charlestown Elementary School (continued from June 5 and May 21).

Below are links to documents explaining the Steering Committee position or that provide information on the history of the proposal and the process of a Special Use Permit. Click on the highlighted, underlined link to go to the linked document.

The findings we list and explain below are not meant to be a complete list of all relevant required findings or a complete examination of each topic we have chosen to write about. But we believe these topics need to be fully explored by the Zoning Board.

Below we have provided a timeline since 2009 for this proposal and an explanation of the process from the Zoning Ordinance that the Zoning Board will need to follow in their review of this application

Below we have provided graphics and stats to help compare the Charlestown proposal to other wind turbines in the area, and maps to help you identify where the wind turbines are proposed.