Fact Sheet Regarding House bill 5425/Senate bill 672

Attached is a fact sheet regarding House bill 5425/Senate bill 672 – known as the wetlands setback bill, and House bill 5703/Senate bill 544 – known as the steep slopes bill. Both bills are on the fast track towards passage in committee and in each branch of the legislature.

You must convince your State Representatives and Senators that these bills will have NO positive impact on the state economy. Many of the regulations under attack have been in place for nearly 30 years. These regulations were in place during the boon times and during the recession in Rhode Island.

In many ways, these regulations have helped the local and statewide economy by preventing rapid and unchecked growth in areas not designed to handle the growth. These existing regulations are responsible for the quality of the drinking water and have had an enormous economic impact on local tourist dollars and the growth of agriculture in our state.

Call and write your Senator and Representative and tell them to oppose these bills.

State Representatives
Donna Walsh – rep-walsh@rilin.state.ri.us
Larry Valencia – rep-valencia@rilin.state.ri.us

State Senators
Dennis Algiere – sen-algiere@rilin.state.ri.us
Catherine Rumsey – sencoolrumsey@rilin.state.ri.us

Fact Sheet for Steep Slopes and Wetland Setback Bills
The fact sheet was provided by a member of the Burrillville Land Trust.