Letter from Vic & Susan Dvorak: We should not authorize the building of industrial wind turbines in a residential neighborhood

To: Fellow Charlestown Citizens, Our Town Council, Zoning Commission, & Town Administrator

It is extremely hard to believe that the Charlestown Zoning Commission has the authority to authorize the building and implementation of commercial/industrial wind turbines in a beautiful, peaceful residential neighborhood of our town. To anyone of sound mind this is incredibly ridiculous and needs to be aborted immediately! Our Charlestown Town Council and government should lead our town to insure this does not happen. There are many irrefutable reasons why this must stop!. It is horrible to even think of this happening and then thinking of something we could have done to stop this madness. Every citizen of Charlestown should be informed by our town government as to why this should not happen, what they are doing to stop it, and what we as citizens should do!

The is the most serious issue facing our town and the town must get ahead of it. We need to demand our elected government to do what is best for Charlestown and our citizens. Please stop this for our citizen’s health and safety and for our town and environment.

Please forward a copy of this communication to all Zoning Board Members and their Alternates and make it a part of the Town’s public record.


Vic & Susan Dvorak
Charlestown, RI 02813