Guest Post by Michael Chambers (guest posts are moderated, but not approved or endorsed by the CCA Steering Committee)
This is not about the benefits of a bonfire or the environmental stress it may cause. I missed the New Year’s Eve bonfire at Ninigret Park because I was visiting with relatives out of town so I cannot attest to what a great spectacle it was. I’ll have to take another’s word for it. This week the local Democrats are again complaining that they were disrespected by the RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM) that issued a Notice of Intent to Enforce (NOIE) a judgment against the burning of pallets by the town. So the pallets were burned, everyone had a good time, and now the town must comply with State regulations or seek a waiver from DEM.  It’s that simple.

The local Democratic Town Committee members, instead of wondering how the bonfire could have been accomplished in compliance with State regulations, started blaming town council members, members of the Planning Commission, the residents of Arnolda, and anyone else who they think could possibly have “squealed” on them. How silly this is!! They overlooked the obvious – it was the local Democratic Blog itself that let the cat out of the bag. They did it to themselves and now they are looking for a scapegoat. How many times in November and December did they write a running commentary on how the pile of pallets was growing, and showed a photo of their one of their own members sitting on the top of that pile? How many times did the bloggers remind us of the great and glorious incendiary display scheduled for December 31, 2012? The DEM isn’t stupid, they can read and they know the law. So they issued the NOIE.

The bloggers need to stop blaming others and take some responsibility for their own culpability.