Town Council Resolution to Support Repeal of the Master Lever

The Charlestown Town Council passed this resolution at their meeting on February 11. The vote was unanimous.

A Resolution to Support Repeal of
Rhode Island General Law 17-19-15 Party Levers,
Or Master Lever Voting

WHEREAS, The master lever law was enacted in Rhode Island in 1939.

WHEREAS, Ken Block, founder and chairman of the Moderate Party of Rhode Island, supports this legislation and has an informative website and started a petition drive.

Whereas, Only sixteen states and none in New England still have the Master Lever.

Whereas, The Rhode Island Board of Elections voted 3-1 to support the repeal of Rhode Island General Law 17-19-15 Party Levers.

Whereas, the Master Lever statically increases undervotes, contributes to voter confusion, and voter disenfranchisement.

WHEREAS, Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis announced his intent to introduce a bill that would remove the master lever option.

WHEREAS, Governor Lincoln Chafee supports the Master Lever change, along with the Secretary of State, Elizabeth Roberts, Secretary of State Ralph Mollis, and the State Treasurer, Gina Raimondo.

WHEREAS, 38 Rhode Island Representatives including Donna Walsh, Larry Valencia support eliminating the Master Lever.

Whereas, Ten Rhode Island Senators including Dennis Algiere support eliminating the Master Lever.

Whereas, the Party Chairmen of the Democratic, Republician, and Moderate Parties support eliminating the Master Lever.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Town Council of the Town of Charlestown, Rhode Island request that the General Assembly to consider legislation to remove the Master Lever and approve the said legislation.

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk is hereby instructed to submit a copy of this resolution to the Town of Charlestown’s State Senators and State Representatives in the Rhode Island General Assembly along with Governor Lincoln Chafee, Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed and House Speaker Gordon Fox, all the Cities and Towns Town Councils in Rhode Island showing the Town of Charlestown’s support seeking their consideration of and support for this legislative amendment.

The RESOLUTION shall take effect immediately upon the date hereof.