Coastal Ponds Management Commission to discuss CRMC application

The Coastal Ponds Management Commission of the Town of Charlestown has scheduled a meeting Monday, February 4, 2013 at the Charlestown Police Station, Old Post Road at 7:30 PM to discuss a CRMC application for an aquaculture oyster project in the North Eastern part of Quonnie Pond.

The application is for 12 to 16 months to assess the commercial viability of the site. Representatives from CRMC, Roger Williams Oyster Garden, and other interested parties will be present to answer questions about the project. Public comments and questions are allowed at this meeting.

According to the application, “the lease will consist of a maximum of 16 sets of trays and 10 cages. The site will be accessed via the RI-DEM public access boat ramp at Quonochontaug breachway using a 20 foot skiff and/or via the Quonochontaug breachway by barge.”

According to the current application for the viability study, if the site is deemed suitable, an application for a commercial lease will be made in 2014.

Date: February 2, 2013
Source: The Westerly Sun
Subject: Commission to consider shellfish farming study on Quonnie Pond