Citizens Forum on Monday Jan 28th at 7pm

Charlestown Citizens’ Forum
Monday, January 28, 7PM
Charlestown Town Hall

The Citizen Forums will give the citizens of Charlestown an opportunity to provide feedback to the Town Council on issues that concern them and ideas they have to improve government services or the quality of life in Charlestown.

Since there is only a limited time available in a regular Town Council meeting to hear citizen ideas and concerns., the Council has voted to hold these forums to get a better understanding of the issues that concern citizens. The CCA Steering Committee concurs with the Council’s efforts to conduct this outreach effort that provides a greater opportunity to hear from more citizens.

The format being used by the Council will allow for each speaker to have 3 minutes each with 2 additional minutes for Council members to ask follow-up questions. If more people want to speak than can be heard they will move to the top of the list for the next Citizens Forum.

The Town Council records have stated that since Council Workshops are designed for sharing information and generating meaningful discussion no Council decisions will be made at these Workshops. The Council can review the information collected from citizens and make a suggestion that ideas generated from these workshops be placed on the agenda for a regular Council meeting for discussion and possible action. The Council may vote and recommend that ideas from these forums be given to the Administrator, Department Heads, or Commissions for appropriate action.

The CCA Steering Committee encourages all citizens to take advantage of this opportunity to speak up and let the Town Council know of your concerns at the Citizen Forum.

Have you signed the petition to put an end to the Master Lever? If not, please sign the electronic petition at Filling out the form will automatically send an email to Governor Chafee, House Speaker Fox and other Rhode Island legislators asking for an end to the straight party vote. Let’s bring fairness to Rhode Island elections by eliminating the confusing straight party ballot questions.