Planning Commission Tour – Saturday, January 12, 10AM

On Saturday, January 12 at 10 a.m., the Charlestown Planning Commission will visit previously approved sites to see if buildings or land appear as they were imagined. Do plans on the ground look like plans on paper? The public is invited to join the Planning Commission on this tour. This is not about regulation, these sites are fully approved. Some sites have had other approvals that were not before the Commission. The purpose is to see if plans that looked good on paper, look good on the ground.

The Commission and members of the public will travel the following route in a passenger bus:

Starting Point: at 10:00 AM Charlestown Town Hall

1) Shannock Hills Subdivision: Cedar Meadows Road
2) Stedman & Kazounis Building: 10 Crossland Street
3) Natale Building: 4649 Old Post Road
4) Charlestown Wine and Spirits: 4625 Old Post Road
5) Cross Mills Fire Station: 4258 Old Post Road
6) Cumberland Farms: 4169 Old Post Road
7) Pat’s Power: 3992 Old Post Road
8) Dunkin Donuts: 3983 Old Post Road
9) Charlestown Post Office: 3970 Old Post Road
10) Village Farm Subdivision: intersection of Old Post Road and Josephine Drive
11) Hoxie Building: 3810 Old Post Road
12) Returning to the Town Hall at approximately 2 p.m.

The public is welcome to board the bus with the Commission or follow along in their own car if they prefer.

Please bring whatever you will need to eat and drink as nothing will be provided by the town.

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