Important Town Council Meetings This Month

Happy New Year! The Charlestown Town Council has several important town meetings coming up this month. Please mark your calendars for the meetings you wish to attend. All are being held at the Town Hall on Route 2.

January 10
10 am Super Storm Sandy workshop
The Workshop on Superstorm Sandy is to help the Town Council get up to speed on what has been done since Sandy. They will listen to Department Heads brief them on what is left to do, establish time frames to accomplish these tasks, and establish associated costs to help them open up the Town’s beaches for the summer season.

January 10
7 pm special meeting COPAR workshop. The Town Council will discuss impacts of COPAR on resident quality of life and may move to executive session to discuss litigation.
We have posted a brief description of COPAR at

January 14 regular Town Council meeting at 7 pm

January 28 Town Council Citizens Forum at 7 pm

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