Tracking Deceptions

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Prior to the December 10, 2012, Town Council meeting, “as a service to the residents of Charlestown”, the local Democratic’s Blog wrote the following:
They (Town Council) will also review a pretty amazing list of ALL the pending litigation involving the town. Some of the suits go back quite a while. There is a 1999 case involving Evelyn Smith and several from 2005 and 2006. But most of the suits were initiated during the last Town Council’s term. Voters reelected the majority of the Council members on November 6.”

The author names Evelyn Smith who has called the author’s observations into question; and then he goes on to point a finger at Jim Mageau, but conveniently avoids the Marge Frank Town Council that is responsible for much of the litigation after 2010. Here the deception is that the author wants the reader to believe that the litigation was against the 2011/2012 Town Council itself. Many of the complaints regard the work of the Town Council in office between 2008 and 2010. In this attack on the CCA, the author wants to have the reader believe the CCA was the cause of the complaints but many of the complaints named non-CCA supported town officials.

The author knew better but felt that deception would work in the local Democratic party’s favor. You really have to watch out for the implications that the author throws around. They are either wrong or deceptive. I think the latter is closer to the truth.