Off Shore vs. Neighborhoods

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
The Department of the Interior has begun the process of leasing areas of the Atlantic off the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia for the construction and operation of industrial size wind turbines. Given the opposition to the Whale Rock proposal by the local neighborhood coalition known as Ill Wind, there are still some local Democratic Town Committee (DTC) members who erroneously think that that opposition extends to off shore wind farm developments. I can understand why this supposition continues. It is because some DTC members cannot understand a simple concept. The Ill Wind group has consistently stated that they support alternative sources of energy including wind energy but not industrial sized turbines in the local neighborhoods.

The Democrats used the term NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) to describe the Ill Wind members which implies a selfish attitude on the part of the Ill Winders. This is far from the truth and a piece of deception perpetrated by particular members of the DTC. Ill Winders do not want those turbines in anybody’s back yard (NIABY) and that includes the back yards of members of the DTC. How much plainer, simpler, and more understandable can anyone make their statement? Do they really not understand or are they just duplicitous? Maybe if they were to read what the Ill Wind Coalition has written and has not retreated one inch, they may get the glimmer of some understanding.

Many of the Ill Winders are not abutters to LeBlanc’s (Whale Rock) property, but protest the actions of the Marge Frank Town Council and the irresponsible proposal to site two 410-ft. wind turbines adjacent to a neighborhood. If the local Democrats don’t see the difference between off shore sites and neighborhood sites, then we all owe the voters a debt of gratitude for allowing CCA candidates to represent their interests.