Happy Veterans Day and Thank You To Our Charlestown Neighbors

We, the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) endorsed candidates who ran for office, thank you for your support on November 6.  We pledge to honor the principles detailed in our platform and look forward to working with all residents.  If you have time to devote to a town commission, please review the vacancies posted on the Town of Charlestown website at www.charlestownri.org.  Look on the menu on the left for Boards and Commissions.

We seek to maintain our low tax rate, fiscal responsibility, and rural character.  We endorse responsible development and remain opposed to a casino or gaming in Charlestown. We thank the over 1,000 residents who opened their doors, listened to our message, and shared their concerns during the past two months of door to door campaigning, and we thank those who hosted “meet and greets,” the donors, and those who volunteered to be identified with our platform and candidates by posting signs on their property.

Finally, we are grateful to the tireless efforts of the steering committee and officers of CCA, Virginia Wootten, President, and Leo Mainelli, Treasurer.  Without their skills and guidance, we know our campaign would have fallen short.

On this Veterans Day, we acknowledge all those who served and continue to serve to protect our freedoms, including our freedom of speech.  CCA pledges to maintain a civil tone in discussions and looks forward to a period in which Robert’s Rules set the standard.  We will debate the issues and not the people and their personalities.

Sincerely yours,

Town Council: Ron Areglado, Tom Gentz, Dan Slattery, and George Tremblay

Planning Commission: Connie Baker, Gordon Foer, Peter Herstein, Jan Knost, and Ruth Platner