Another Chapter in the Chronicles of Charlestown’s Revisionist History

The following letter appeared in the Westerly Sun and is printed here with the permission of the author

Here You Go…Again!

In her article recently published by The Sun, Ms. Linda Felaco demonstrated a gross lack of knowledge about my performance as Secretary of the Charter Review Advisory Committee as well as my husband’s role in a lawsuit that prevented the installation of two industrial sized wind turbines in our town. I would like the opportunity to make factual corrections based on public record.

  • ACCUSATION: “The Charter Review Advisory Committee met for months without posting minutes until a citizen (Will Collette) asked why they weren’t available.”
  • THE TRUTH: As secretary of the Charter Review Advisory Committee, I submitted detailed minutes on time every month to a competent and conscientious Clerk at Town Hall, who in turn posted them on ClerkBase.  Copies were also sent to each member of the Town Council in a timely manner every month.

The minutes of our last meeting were delayed by several days because I became ill on the return trip from a vacation and was under my doctor’s care for ten days. I contacted the President and Vice-President of the Town Council and the Clerk at Town Hall to inform them of the delay and the reason behind it. Nonetheless, Mr. Collette filed a frivolous complaint to the Attorney General’s Office stating that I violated the Open Meeting Law. The complaint was subsequently dismissed because there was no malintent in the delay – only an illness.

  •  ACCUSATION:  “A public hearing on the proposed charter revisions subsequently had to be postponed because the CRAC Secretary, Maureen Areglado (wife of Town Council Candidate Ron Areglado) left the country without filing the minutes from the previous meeting.”
  • THE TRUTH: A public hearing on the proposed charter revisions was rescheduled by the Town Council due to a time constraint at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.
  • ACCUSATION: “Ron Areglado, a current CCA Town Council candidate, was a leader in two unsuccessful lawsuits against the town of Charlestown.”
  • THE TRUTH: Along with a number of concerned residents, my husband started a grass roots movement that was successful in stopping the installation of two industrial sized wind turbines in our neighborhood. As a group, we filed a lawsuit which was later determined to be “moot” by the Rhode Island Superior Court since a new wind ordinance was passed in Charlestown after we filed the lawsuit.

It’s always simpler to do things the “easy” way rather than the “right” way. Had Ms. Felaco taken the time to check the records, she would have had the “right” facts rather than submitting her fictitious account of these issues. It was also interesting to note that she also associated my husband’s candidacy for Town Council with her erroneous statements. It is blatantly obvious that this is an attempt to discredit not only my reputation but my husband’s as well. It is this type of shameful behavior that demonstrates how Ms. Felaco and her cadre of spin-doctors not only distort the facts but engage in a campaign of outright lies.

In the spirit of transparency, I challenge Ms. Felaco to investigate and publicly report on the minutes of some other boards and committees in Charlestown.  They appear to think that the rules of submitting minutes of their meetings apply to everyone else but them. It is public knowledge they do not submit minutes – ever. It’s most interesting to note that those in her favor get a free pass. This is just another painful example of how the spirit of volunteerism suffers in Charlestown since no good deed seems to go unpunished by Ms. Felaco. Those who do the least often complain the most.

Maureen Areglado