Team Building

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Many sports fans understand the importance of team building. Many managers of large programs understand the importance of team building. A competent official in charge of managing programs for the benefit of the general public understands the importance of team building. As voters we not only want to support the candidate that we feel can and will do an exceptional job in public service, but also candidates that will work together for our benefit. For the past two years I observed a Town Council that was split and almost stagnated because two councilors were constantly opposed to what one of the councilors favored. This situation could have been avoided if the voters could have foreseen how the councilors could have interacted.

This is not to say that voting along party lines would have been beneficial. It would have been devastating to this town. It is more a matter of leadership and team players. Any group needs one leader who is accountable for the group dynamic, members who support the goals of the group, and members who are excellent researchers who can provide the rest of the group with facts, that are substantiated by valid sources. The interaction among group members needs to be associative rather than adversarial.

I have been involved in developing teams in soccer and softball. It is more than happenstance and coaching that develops a winning team. Without the players exhibiting good chemistry, solid affiliations, self-esteem, and a common eye on the prize or goal attainment, the impact of good coaching will go for nothing. As voters, we are like general managers pulling together a team with leadership and good chemistry that understand their roles in attaining our goals. We need to look at all combinations and use what we know of the candidates’ capabilities and associative skills to put a great team together. If we fail at this our team will not win many victories for us. Think about how you felt when your favorite sports team came out ahead of the pack; then think of how you felt when your favorite sports team ended the season with a losing record. In those circumstances you had no control of the outcomes: in this endeavor, the elections for National, State, and local representation, we have total control.