Is someone’s land assessed too low?

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Recently, Wilfred Collette, leader of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee, began a rant against land assessment valuation in Charlestown. He ran a picture of the Shelter Harbor Golf Course clubhouse and complained that the land was assessed too low for tax purposes. He did not state that the Shelter Harbor clubhouse and all eighteen holes are located in Westerly. That which is in Charlestown consists of a sliver of forested land and one equipment shed. He knows better but wanted to make a big splash in his crusade against the rich. He also forgets in his land assessment lecture to state that taxes are based on the value of the land plus improvements. So it would follow that someone who lives on a large farm spread may have a low tax assessment unless the improvements to the land are extensive. Bottom line: if he has a problem with land assessments or thinks his land and improvements are assessed too low, he should take it up with the tax assessor. There is a process, use it.