Charlestown’s Gomer Pyles

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Why John Donoghue and Jim Mageau blame the CCA for an Open Meetings Violation regarding the YMCA land sale is beyond me.

I seem to remember that the only person deposed on that issue was Greg Avedisian, who is not a member of CCA. If they are referring to the newspaper notice that did not accurately detail that there may have been a vote taken on the possible sale of the land, then they are technically correct, but let’s face it is was so minor as rival Gomer Pyle running around yelling “Citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest!” This is the best John and Jim can do? They have reached the bottom of the barrel.

The Town Council members in favor of the purchase were Tom Gentz (CCA), Greg Avedisian and Marge Frank (both Democrat backed), Lisa DiBello was against the purchase, and Dan Slattery recused himself. So John, how does CCA get blamed for something predominately backed by the democratically-supported councilors? Donoghue, Mageau, Avedisian are running for Town Council and have aligned themselves with the CDTC to oust the only two CCA backed candidates on the Town Council.

It must be apparent to the reader that this association is a political putsch against the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. If you remember how unfortunate the people of Charlestown were under the Mageau regime, consider how the citizens of this town will fare when Mageau and Collette combine forces. Where have these people been over the last two years? They certainly did nothing to improve this town but worked diligently to give Charlestown a black eye.