Slogans – Do you believe in them?

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
What would make the citizen’s of Charlestown believe that the members of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee would change their ways and put the citizens of Charlestown first? This is a question that should be asked by each voter as the election approaches. It is a serious question about what motivates the Democratic candidates and what has motivated them in the past three years. If the fact that the citizens of Charlestown have the fourth lowest tax rate in the State, live in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, enjoy good water quality, natural beauty, and is at the top of the list of places to live in RI, someone must be putting the citizens first.

It was apparent by the stands that the Democrats took on issues in the recent past that they are motivated by special interest groups at the local and State levels, inside the Beltway policy makers, and by their own brand of social interaction. By this I mean that the local CDTC members have often smeared and practiced character assassinations on any person who did not agree with their policies.

Putting citizens first would imply all the citizens of Charlestown, not just the friends and associates of the Democratic Committee members. Wrong! Subtract those who do not vote here but pay their fair share of taxes. Subtract those who want to protect the rural character and quality of life that Charlestown residents enjoy. Subtract the neighborhoods that reject industrial-sized wind turbines in their back yards. Subtract those citizens who want to preserve wildlife, protect our water quality, keep our taxes low, and enhance working conditions for our civil servants. Indirectly you could subtract businessmen and contractors who rely on out-of-town property owners who provide work and commerce to this town and would be gravely hurt economically if that source of income were to disappear due to increased taxes. Include in that group the renters who vote here and would face increased rental fees due to increased taxes.

What does that leave as citizens that would come first? Well, diehard Democrats who vote the Party line. Building contractors who would benefit from unrestrained expansion of housing in Charlestown. Political favorites of the Democratic Town Committee. Certainly not the working middle class who would be taxed heavily to pay for the free spending expansionist candidates. Finally, those people who agree entirely with the Party line, condone the lack of respect that the candidates have allowed from their own committee members, care little about the blatant attacks on town officials, their families and friends, and volunteers, and are willing to turn their backs on the majority of the citizens of Charlestown will benefit.

If you have kept up with politics in this town over the past three years you will understand what I am saying. If you haven’t kept up, then start asking questions of the candidates that approach you or better yet, approach them. Otherwise you may just think you will be put first, whatever that means.