My take on CCA

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
We read and hear some pretty awful things hurled at the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. Much of what is being thrown out into the public comes from disenfranchised politicians, and members of a political party. If what they say about CCA were true, its members would all be brought up on charges or reprimanded by the courts. Naturally, people have more sense than to believe the accusations of people who are trying to discredit town officials because they would like to occupy those same seats of government. I spent thirty years in the political cauldron of Washington, D.C., and I have never seen the like of what the residents of this heretofore peaceful town have been subjected to. So most informed people don’t believe all the rhetoric from the disenfranchised politicians, but what do they know of CCA?

Members of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance are not only devoted to local issues, but they are also dedicated to each individual member of the alliance. They participate in whatever affects the quality of life in Charlestown. They engage in conversation with the residents passing on information and asking questions of the residents so that they may better serve the town and consider the most effective actions to benefit the long-term health of this town. They do not suddenly appear during an election year but are always available to anyone who needs their services. They fashion well-reasoned solutions to local issues for all to benefit. They provide a united front against political programs and processes that would harm individuals and businesses, and endanger wildlife. They are in favor of preserving the public lands that Charlestown possesses so that all of its citizens can freely enjoy open spaces and recreational areas. And they provide an open forum for discussion of ideas, even if those ideas are in conflict with CCA policy and they do it in a civil manner with respect for the opinions of others. These forums are commonly held at regular intervals in the town hall as proposed by the CCA officers.

CCA was banded together with common interests, against politicians and programs that were dangerous to this town, and stood firm against conflicts despite their differences of opinion within the group. Many residents have supported the CCA. The CCA continues to speak for all Charlestown residents and represents the greater good for this town.